5 simple SEO tips for Hong Kong businesses

SEO is a struggle that all businesses, small and large face. Everyone wants to appear on the first page of Google, but “it” isn’t that easy. It is, however, worth the effort. Our 5 simple SEO tips for Hong Kong businesses can help you start improving your search engine visibility. We know that 75% amount of people browsing the web do not navigate past page one of a Google search. So, even if you are listed on page two (no easy task) you may never be seen by new, organic business leads and new customers.

How can you improve your Hong Kong SEO with a small budget?

There is no shortage of information out there and we would always recommend educating yourself before spending a large amount on SEO. Guides on the internet cite endless tips on how to improve SEO, however many of them are speculative. One of the most frustrating elements of trying to improve your SEO is feeling powerless or simply not having sight of the quantitative side of your efforts. In short, are your efforts moving the needle?

In this WOI 101, there are a few simple tips and tricks you can use to get your page to number one. Whilst SEO is a “long game” and requires consistency and commitment, we recommend that everyone start here.

5 SEO Tips for Hong Kong Businesses:

1. Keywords and Search Terms

These are the specific words that people are searching for in relation to their needs, for example, “PR Agency in Hong Kong” or “Chicken Burger Hong Kong”. The simple goal is to have your content and website align with the words and terms that people are searching for. Keyword optimisation in any written article on Google is possibly the most important factor in the algorithm behind search engines. Keywords are important because they give the search engine, normally Google, context about your page and your article or content. By giving the search engine keywords to work with, it can filter your article to more specific areas better as it understands the topic.

WOI SEO Tip: In practical terms, you should include a target keyword in a few important places, as well as throughout your website, articles, and web content. Your title, somewhere in your first 100 words, in the image alt text, H1 tag, H2/H3 tag, somewhere in your last 100 words. It is also important to use LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) which are closely related keywords to your target keyword. These help to inform search engines that your piece is trustworthy.

An example would be if the target keyword was “car”, your LSI keywords could therefore be “automobiles”, “wheels”, “engines”, “motors”, “road” or “tires”. Do not “keyword stuff” which is the practice of “stuffing” the word anywhere and everywhere on your website; Google’s highly sophisticated algorithm recognises and penalises this behaviour. When in doubt, write content people want to read, not that is simply keyword rich.

2. Content Optimisation

Google, and other search engines, base their ranking on the trustworthiness and usefulness of your page. Whilst in one-time backlinks may have done this by themselves, they are no longer enough. The search engine needs to see that users are spending time on your page, reading your content (another reason to write great, informative, long-form copy).

WOI SEO Tip: Think about the user experience and how you want to access information online. This means structuring your content so people get the information they want very quickly. There is no need for a long introduction explaining what your article is about. Content should be easy to read, and it should get to the main point of the article quickly, keeping users on the page. That said, long form content is a good a thing – Google tends to favour sites with blogs that range from 800-1500 words and have a mix of expert and beginner content. The trick is, to keep every word relevant, helpful, interesting – again, all content should be written with the reader in mind.

Hong Kong SEO tips

3. Backlinks

Whilst backlinks are no longer enough as a standalone SEO / credibility exercise, they are still essential for SEO. With search engines ranking websites on their authority and trustworthiness, creating a trustworthy backlink, is effectively a vote for your content in the algorithm. The more links you have from credible sources, the more trusted your site is and the higher it will rank.

WOI SEO Tip: Create links in your articles to other websites and ask websites to do the same. It will not only increase views for both articles but also reinforce the legitimacy of your content in the algorithm.

4. Appropriate length and depth of content

Studies conducted by leading consulting firms show that longer form content such as articles and thought leadership pieces create 77% more backlinks than short content. Your content, however, should be appropriate to the goal of the piece.

For example, an article explaining something simple such as “how turn on a phone” does not need to be long – if it achieves its purpose. In contrast, an article that explains how to build a phone would undoubtedly need to be much longer, as it requires depth to fully achieve its goal. Your content must have context behind it so you answer the query the best you can. Again, keep the reader in mind, why did they search for your content? Does your piece answer their question? If not, fix that.

WOI SEO Tip: Consider how long your article should be, the depth required and the formality of voice which you are looking for. Accuracy and precision in your content will inform search engines that it is good content, and lead to users spending more time on your website. All increasing your ranking in the algorithm!

5. Images

Images are crucial to use in your content because they, once again, provide deeper context to your content. Including images in your content not only makes it more exciting for users to read and engage with, but it also tells the algorithm that it is a well-informed piece. However, it is very important not to use overused images in your content because this may act against you and make your content seem generic and not unique in the eyes of the algorithm.

The best images are your images (not stock). When this isn’t possible, it is acceptable to use stock, but put some time and effort into using lesser-used stock images. WOI likes https://www.pexels.com/ and https://unsplash.com/ as free alternatives to paid sites such as shutterstock.com

WOI SEO Tip : Use images in your content which are relevant and enhance your content. But ideally, use images that you have taken yourself. This could be a graph which you have constructed on Microsoft Excel or it could be a picture you have taken yourself on your phone. This will make your viewers more interested and boost your ranking.

In summary, search engines are constantly evolving – mostly without human interaction. Google makes tweaks to their algorithms 500-600 times per year. So, no one truly knows the answer to “How can I rank on the first page of Google?” WOI offers content marketing services to businesses large and small. We help our clients to optimize their websites and create content that is interesting to their audience. The one guaranteed technique to rank higher is by producing exciting, useful, and original content. This will keep people interested and guarantee they will leave wanting to read more of your content in the future.

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Thank you for reading this WOI 101 SEO Tips for Hong Kong Businesses which was written by Xavier Christopher.


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