Sino Jet Wins 5 World Travel Awards

Sino Jet Wins Five Awards at World Travel Awards 2020 and Sweeps Business Travel Category

Asia’s largest and fastest growing operator strives to “keep business moving and protect jobs”

The Sino Jet Group, Asia’s largest and fastest growing business jet operator and group of subsidiary companies has been presented with five accolades at the World Travel Awards 2020 including: World’s Leading Private Jet Company 2020, World’s Leading Travel Club 2020, Asia’s Leading Travel Club 2020, and Asia’s Leading Private Jet Charter 2020, and China’s Leading Private Jet Charter 2020.

A spokesperson said, “Despite challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sino Jet Group of Companies has continued to serve businesses and individuals around the region. A fundamental principle of our mission is to keep flying even in “mission impossible” circumstances because we believe that business aviation is a vital tool to support economic recovery. This year, we have focused on getting passengers home and keeping businesses moving, thereby protecting jobs and supporting economic stability.”

Sino Jet shared that its stability and growth in 2020 came in part because of its swift implementation of new safety protocols. It secured confidence by adjusting its standard operating practice (SOP) to safeguard passenger and crew safety. By February 2020, the company had implemented comprehensive safety practices including aircraft disinfection, double-crew roster scheduling to manage quarantine regulations, and introduction of personal protection equipment PPE on flights.

Further to the company’s swift adjustment to safety protocol, Sino Jet received a surge in enquiries from over 3000 new passengers wishing to repatriate or complete essential travel. Despite significant restrictions, Sino Jet’s global team worked closely with the authorities and its industry partners, utilising its regional resources and relationships to carry out flights in 2020.

“We understand that many organisations need to complete business critical travel to protect jobs through this crisis. Whilst we continue to face enormous operational challenges, we are proud to have enabled the resumption of some business travel, operating safely through the challenges and constraints of COVID-19”, commented a company spokesperson.

In the second quarter of 2020, Sino Jet reported an increase in movements year-on-year from 2019, a trend the company says it expects to continue as more new entrants utilise business aviation. The company serves a growing demographic of high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) and business leaders from various sectors including technology, medical services, and manufacturing. Many of the new users expressed concern over flying on commercial airlines due to contact / risk points, hygiene concerns, and limited availability of scheduled flights. Opting to fly private, the users can significantly reduce contact points, fly alone or with their colleagues or family, and control their flight schedule according to business needs.

In parallel with its commitment to keep business moving, Sino Jet has also invested significant resource into protecting and supporting communities in the region. By example, the company donated a Multifunction Mobile Medical Station to the Government in Hubei Province, China, to provide an emergency medical centre and quarantine “ward” to support those with urgent medical needs that may be unable to access standard medical care or hospitalisation.

In line with its commitment to continue investing into the development of business and general aviation in Greater China, in quarter three, Sino Jet expanded into Jiangxi and Hainan. It entered a strategic partnership with Jiangxi Airport VIP Service Company to open the first FBO (Fixed base operator) at Nanchang Changbei International Airport. The strategic expansion followed a dramatic increase in demand for business aviation in the region combined with a projected 20% year-on-year growth over three years.

Sino Jet’s mainland China development strategy is to support governments in their enhancement of second and third tier cities. The company believes that an investment into infrastructure, paired with increasing demand for business aviation, and burgeoning industry will lead to greater integration of these cities into global value chains. Under this strategy, Sino Jet became the first business jet operator to collaborate with the Hainan government. The partnership is in place to support the master plan for the Hainan Free Trade Port (Hainan FTP Plan), which aims to optimise business jet management resources and operation systems in Hainan, southern China.

As the year draws to a close, Sino Jet remains focused on its mission to keep business safely moving forward. A spokesperson said, “Sino Jet has redefined the “new normal” for its passengers and is now ready to reinvent the business aviation business models for a more connected, secured, stable, and flexible future”.

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About Sino Jet Jet, founded in 2011, is a business aviation operator, management and charter company, and provider of bespoke travel services. Sino Jet manages and operates 47 business jets in Greater China and around the world. Sino Jet’s approach to safety is continually re-evaluated and developed with the industry’s leading safety and training experts. It is the fastest growing business aviation management company in Asia, characterised by its industry-leading one-stop business jet-travel suite of solutions. Sino Jet has dual headquarters in Beijing and Hong Kong. The company is also rapidly expanding in Mainland China and South Asia with bases in Shanghai; Shenzhen; Guangzhou; Xiamen; Zhuhai, Chengdu, Jiangxi, Nanchang, and Singapore. Sino Jet holds the OTAR part 39 Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) approved by Cayman Island CAA (CAACI), to provide comprehensive maintenance oversight and was the first operator in mainland China to achieve IS-BAO III.

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