Why engage WOI?

When you’re a small business, you’ll probably be doing the lot. Strategy, product and service development, website design, social media, and trying to grow. Outsource some elements to WOI so you can focus on why you got started. We can take care of media mentions, influencers and affiliates, and brand consultancy to get you moving forward (without breaking the bank).

What you can expect to gain from engaging WOI

A strategy for growth: clear, actionable advice you can implement immediately.

Branded assets to take your business to the next level.

More awareness, more sales, happier customers.

Stronger brand presence.

Clearly planned marketing and PR plan for your business and how to get started, review, and adjust as you grow.


High Conversion Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

KOL & Influencers

Website review, design, or revamp

Email marketing and newsletters

Video and photography

Traditional Marketing

Brochure design

Hard copy collateral

Business card design

Event materials

Public Relations

Thought leadership

Engage lifestyle, community, and mainstream media

Increase share of conversation with key media

Reach target audience via traditional and print media

Why WOI?

WOI understands that small businesses work with smaller teams, (often) scarce resources, and tight budgets. Our services for small businesses and individuals include: strategy and consulting, brand development, website creation or revamp, social media and digital marketing, media engagement, and small, bespoke events. Our fees are set at a more affordable and sustainable rate than our standard corporate packages and every project is managed by founder, Sarah Keates.

About Sarah Keates

Sarah was educated in Law at the University of Liverpool. She started her career at the British Council in international marketing. In 2012, Sarah joined a large multinational public relations firm in Hong Kong, before moving in-house at a well-known UK group, where she increased the brand’s market share over 90% in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and in emerging markets, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Sarah now owns and operates WOI, a Hong Kong based marketing and PR agency with a set of services specifically tailored to small business.

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About WOI

White Orchid Insights is a creative PR and marketing agency offering consultancy and services across digital and traditional marketing, public relations and media engagement, communications, and events. We offer services for the travel, transport, luxury, international education, wellness, F&B, start-up, consumer products, and non-profit sectors.


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startup meetiing

Read any article, blog or other source of entrepreneurship advice, and you’ll almost certainly come across the strategy of behaving as though you are already a multinational company. This sounds aspirational and visionary, but is there really a need to pretend that you are your own P.A. ?

Starting out with a new business is challenging and scary enough, without diverting energy into creating and maintaining what is essentially an artificial image. Plus, there’s the danger of forgetting what your ‘P.A.’ is called.

Being yourself gives you the permission and authority to focus on finding your voice and doing what you feel is right. So, even if it’s only you, or you and a trusted colleague, celebrate the beauty of being small, and authentic and cultivate your clients as your tribe.

  • Your niche can provide personalised and customised advice and services
  • You can react faster and build creative solutions as you are not tied down to large company systems
  • You can remain authentic, regardless of situation
  • Small does not mean limited: Do you want 10 high worth clients whose passions you connect with, or 100 clients who get less of your time? What is more in line with your vision and ethos?
  • Being small, and wanting to be small, can be one of the best decisions you make. When you concentrate on being mindfully present, rather than chasing the rainbow, that pot of gold might be closer than you think.