Ascent, Asia’s urban air mobility service, joins AsBAA

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Ascent Flights Global Pte Ltd (Ascent), Asia’s urban air mobility service, joins the Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) as it looks to further contribute to the aviation community of the region.

Ascent, Asia’s urban air mobility service, joins AsBAA Ascent team
Ascent Team: Lionel Sinai-Sinelnikoff, Founder and CEO (left), and Darren T’ng, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer (right)

Ascent, Asia’s first technology-powered urban air mobility service has joined AsBAA, Asia’s non-profit representative trade body for business and general aviation as it looks to further contribute to the aviation community in the region. Predicted by Morgan Stanley to be a US$1.5 trillion market by 2040, urban air mobility is a rapidly growing industry that has captured the attention of leading manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Bell, Hyundai and Toyota.

Regaining control of your time in traffic jams and long commutes – this is the promise of Ascent, a company active in making urban air mobility in Asia. Ascent does this by enabling users to avail of flights by the seat on helicopters today, and eVTOLs in the future, to move between activity hubs like international airports, central business districts and popular leisure destinations of congested cities and in complex environments. Beyond a booking platform, Ascent coordinates the entire mobility journey of its users, empowered by its partner network, both on land and air, all through its proprietary technology. Its business model allows its users to experience seamless mobility more efficiently and at a rate up to ten times more affordable than traditional chartering. With Ascent, users experience air mobility on fuel-efficient flights operated by curated operators to ensure the highest operational and safety standards.

Ascent recently celebrated its first anniversary since launching commercially in the world’s second most congested city, Manila, the Philippines. Since then, it has flown hundreds of passengers of the time-sensitive business community or simply people aspiring to a new mode of mobility, across a growing network of routes within and between the city.

“As urban air mobility contributes more to the life and productivity of people, we foresee it being increasingly pivotal to the general economy. To make this happen, we have partnered with best-in-class air operators, helipad owners, and other synergistic partners,” said Lionel Sinai-Sinelnikoff, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ascent. “By joining AsBAA, we look forward to better contributing to and growing together with the aviation ecosystem in Asia.”

Ascent proudly partners with AsBAA member, INAEC Aviation Corporation, in the Philippines and welcomes the interest of other AsBAA members to collaborate in order to enhance the mobility experience of their clientele or the existing users of Ascent.

“With more than 200 air taxi projects globally, urban air mobility is increasing its relevance for the future of aviation, and in particular in business aviation. We are delighted to have Ascent join AsBAA, to provide representation to this segment of the industry especially as AsBAA continues to curate a community for our members to network, access B2B opportunities, and tackle common issues with greater collective influence,” added AsBAA Chairman Wu Zhendong.

About Ascent

Ascent is Asia’s first technology-powered urban air mobility service. It is a ride-sharing platform designed to make cities more connected by moving people seamlessly and affordably by air, using helicopters today and eVTOLs in the future. Ascent operates in the Philippines with flights between more than 15 hubs of activity including international airports, central business districts, and popular leisure destinations. Users can complement their journey by availing of value-added services including luggage transport, first and last-mile ground transport amongst other services.

With Ascent, passengers regain control of their time, with flights operated by best-in-class operators like INAEC Aviation Corp in the Philippines, ensuring the highest operational and safety standards. Ascent is committed to a neutral carbon footprint through ride-sharing on fuel-efficient flights, carbon offsetting with UNFCCC and catalysing the entry of low-emission eVTOLs.

Ascent is a Singapore based company that has launched its operations in cities across the Philippines including the world’s second most congested city, Manila.

For more information, please visit www.ascent.flights

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