Our story is simple – we are all about solving problems, creating an impact, and building meaningful relationships.

Over our collective years of experience, we have delighted in launching and elevating brands across Asia and around the world. Our clients range from business aviation operators, service providers, and airports to international schools, luxury brands, and non-profit organisations. Each client has a story to tell and it is our mission to ensure the story is heard.


Our Values


Respect is part of our DNA. Together, we continue to fight for a corporate environment that encourages, supports, and celebrates respectful practices. Respect fuels our creativity and connects us closer to our customers and the communities we serve. It is more than just a value; it is a powerful tool for driving lasting change and continuous improvement.


Partnership is the basis of what we do at WOI, it defines our relationships and drives our purpose. We believe in developing relationships that are honest, transparent, and based on integrity at all levels Authentic relationships are founded on a deep understanding of our clients and our commitment to working as a team, with a focus on clear communication at all stages of the process.

Social Impact and Sustainability

Social Impact and Sustainability is life, literally. Beyond making a contribution to a brighter world, we will work with you to explore ways that the social and sustainable impact of your organisation can add to your profile, enable you to execute business in new ways, and deliver both competitive advantage and bottom line impact at the same time.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Diversity and Inclusivity is everything to us. We celebrate creativity, individuality, and welcome multiple approaches and points of view. We believe diversity is essential to innovation and we are committed to nurturing contributions from a wide variety of backgrounds, recognising the skills that we can all bring to the table.

Our team

Sarah is a results-oriented strategist with a demonstrated history in the education, business aviation, technology, non-profit, and luxury sectors.


Founder and CEO

Ian has been a journalist specialising in aviation for 25 years, and has edited various aviation titles. He is a graduate aeronautical engineer and pilot. Ian is based in the UK.


Head of Aviation

Mary Mountstephen MA (RES) MA (SEN) is a learning development specialist, consultant and author who has extensive experience of working internationally.


Academic Lead

Jane has over 30 years’ professional experience working in business development positions in the media, communications, aviation, and travel sectors


Associate, North America

Per is an Account Executive and has worked with the WOI team since 2017. He focuses on weekly client updates and is great with email and digital marketing.


Account Executive

Anna leads on our services for marketing, PR, and advertising in mainland China. Anna is an experienced marketing professional with a decade of experience in building brands in mainland China.


Account Executive

Jamie is a graphic designer and has been with the WOI team since 2014. She has worked for multiple leading brands including Tencent and others.


Graphiic Designer

Chloe has worked with WOI since the summer of 2020. Chloe helps out with the WOI website, graphic design, and management of WOI social media accounts.


Summer Intern

Trusted by brands to deliver return on investment even in challenging market conditions.


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