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WOI has a highly experienced, global, and local team. Among us, we have decades of experience in delivering marketing, communications, events, and public relations services to clients from multiple sectors. The majority of our clients are from the following sectors: Business and General Aviation, International Schools and Education Providers, Wellness, Luxury, and Non-Profit Organisations, and those seeking to have a solid Corporate Social Responsibility programme. That said, we have worked with smaller, indie brands, consumer products, and many others. We enjoy working with all sectors; working across such a varied breadth of industries gives us scope to flex our creative muscles!
Some clients come to WOI for standalone projects such as a product launch, event, new website, or brochure. However, most of our clients engage WOI on retainer packages that cover services across marketing, communications, public relations, and events.
Our services are always tailored to the individual client; there is no one-size-fits-all or plug and play.
We are a nimble and lean organisation that has always worked across continents, often remotely. We focused our energies on offering enhanced digital services to our clients, to add greater value. In addition, we offered bro-bono marketing services to small businesses to assist with the challenges brought about by COVID-19.

WOI is a small, international agency. We have a highly experienced, bilingual team that understands marketing trends in Asia. Our founding partner leads on all account management, ensuring guaranteed quality to all clients.

Marketing is a fundamental part of any business. When applied strategically, marketing delivers cost savings, customer loyalty, and market positioning. WOI has flexible retainer and project-based options for a range of budgets.

WOI’s international team will help you to devise a mainland China marketing strategy that complements your regional approach. Our bilingual, China marketing experts will assist with all elements of mainland China marketing including Baidu and WeChat campaigns.

The world’s largest and most successful brands know that having both in-house and agency support is the key to success. Your in-house marketing team will work together with us as an agency to get more mileage from your marketing budget. We support your internal resourcing, providing knowledge and skill where it is needed. Think of us as part of your team.
Most websites can be improved without a large overhaul. Get in touch to see how we can help with content and SEO.
Some years ago, writing a 350-word article with links and keywords was enough for Google to understand your website and rank you. Now, content is king and brands everywhere are creating content, meaning you need a sharper approach to get ranked. Get in touch to see how we can help with SEO.
Marketing trends are changing towards inbound, over outbound marketing. Your content, tone, information, and relationships should entice leads into your website. The days of annoying, “spammy” content are over. Your customers want to learn from you, engage with you, get to know you and for that relationship to feel organic and reciprocal. Get in touch to see how we can help with inbound marketing.
Inbound marketing is a process that drives your customers to you, instead of forcing content upon them. It is a process of brand building, thought leadership, and communications that leads to positive engagement and customer loyalty. Inbound marketing is personalised to your target audiences and is rooted in a commitment being of value to your customer over simply forcing content via unwanted campaigns.
Video speaks to your audiences in ways that written content often does not. Video is everywhere for a good reason, it is easy to consume, paints a clear picture of your message, and when done strategically, will resonate to your potential customer in meaningful ways, driving growth.

First, we will define a clear plan precisely outlining your business’s objectives and goals. The marketing strategy will be formulated specifically for your brand, with these end goals in mind. Examples include, increase leads, decrease time in closing tickets, increase in customers, increase in monthly traffic, increase in turnover, increase retainer clients, increase conversions, increase revenue and so on. After defining the goals together, your WOI account manager will develop the project plan which has measurable KPIs at every point. Our clear reporting system will give you visibility on your ROI.

Marketing is enthusiasm transferred to the customer. You have a strong product or service; and marketing is the tool through which others will feel a relationship your brand and trust that it’s the right fit for them. Marketing, sales, and business development functions should work seamlessly together to ensure targets are met.
Almost any industry will feel that the market space is too competitive. That said, market leaders around the world tend to have one thing in common, excellent marketing. In a competitive market space, we need to truly define the brand, its value and values, the solution it brings, and the trust to engage new customers. White Orchid Insights has worked on dozens of successful campaigns in the business aviation sector since 2014. Get in touch to see how we can help.

First, we have a deep understanding of the sectors we serve. Second, our international team with local experience will support you every step of the journey, defining a personalised plan for your brand and executing the deliverables with transparency at every step. We are confident that you will see great results with WOI because your business is our business.

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