Entrepreneur Series with Anna Cabannes, Founder & Wellness Director, Studio la Lune

How do you define success?

To me, success equals Freedom. Freedom to choose my work environment and the people I work with. Freedom to express my true self unapologetically. Freedom to choose my financial status. Freedom to plan my days and weeks depending on my current needs – whether it’s more work, more money, more time for self-care, or more social interactions. I crave and have built a life with as few restrictions as possible.

What has a lack of travel and/or easy mobility taught you and how has it affected your business?

I am one of the lucky ones in that the past 2 years have been positive for my business and career. After 5 years working for the most reputable banks, I realized something was missing.

I decided to incorporate wellness into my life and made the big decision to completely shift my career and subsequently, my entire life. With more awareness and time for reflection, I realized I needed a greater sense of purpose, satisfaction, and meaning and that’s what drove me into entrepreneurship almost a year ago with this clear ambition to make my dreams of success (freedom) come true.

Sadly, the business is suffering tremendously right now due to the extensive mandatory closure, but I am hopeful for the future of Studio La Lune and confident of the concept and brand.

entrepreneur series - Studio la Lune

What are your business values?

When shifting from corporate to solo entrepreneurship, I decided that my business values would be clear and very different from those I experienced in investment banking. I came from a very structured, competitive and goal-oriented organization to one that is highly creative, compassionate, intuitive and people-oriented. Studio La Lune is a safe place to empower women from any age and background; it is a space where they can express who they truly are without judgments. I wanted the business to mirror the judgement free acceptance we offer to our students. Our teachers come with very different backgrounds and specialties. I appreciate my collaborators and partners for their individuality and authenticity, and I see that as our biggest strength. I try my best to lead in a way that each person I work with feels seen and honored, and most importantly can be part of the conversation around what we offer and what value we can bring.

What are your personal values?

My personal values are evolving in parallel with my entrepreneur journey. The biggest one would be – “optimism” always seeing things as opportunities rather than issues and always moving forward. And this pairs up well with the next value – “challenge”, I often actively look for the next move, the next thrill, or the next step for personal growth. The third value is “respect” I try to honor everyone with a consistent level of fairness, without judgment and (most importantly) respect for their work, personality, personal history and who they are.

entrepreneur series - Studio la Lune

What inspired you to start Studio La Lune?

My biggest inspiration was my personal journey. Growing up as a teen and then as a woman, I felt a lack of communication around many topics regarding what was happening in my life. The trend was more towards suppressing our emotions and issues rather than addressing them or simply talking about it. But I am very happy to see that we are now slowing starting to speak openly about many of the taboo subjects… and just I wanted to be part of this incredible societal change!

Starting Studio La Lune was also a way to allow myself to work and develop myself in my own terms as an entrepreneur.

What are your passions?

I am a multi passionate person. Firstly, and obviously, about everything wellness related. But I also love to explore and discover new things or new approaches in all areas. As a true Virgo, I am passionate about planning and organizing (oh yes, it’s called a passion at this point). The key to my heart is an afternoon at the beach or under the sun.

What can we expect from you and Studio La Lune next?

On a personal level, I am currently exploring new ways to accompany women through personalized wellness program to help them learn more in detail about their own woman’s cycle and experience the benefit of yoga. Corporate wellness is also something I am spending more and more time on since I find it quite interesting to have a direct impact on people’s work environment.

Regarding Studio La Lune, it’s hard to say at this point. But one thing is for sure: we will keep going with being (not only) a yoga studio but an established wellness center – a place of reference for any woman looking for a space to connect with themselves and with others. More events! More celebration around women’s bodies! More classes and workshops addressing taboo subject (periods, sexual health, fertility, pregnancy, miscarriage, post-partum, and menopause – yes that’s a lot!).

What do you hope your legacy will be?

Firstly, I truly hope I can inspire others to bring more awareness into their lives and confidence in themselves and their ability. Whether it’s through a career shift, entrepreneurship, or by any other way, anyone deserve to find a fierce passion and excitement in their everyday work.

Then, I’d like each and every woman to have access to knowledge on their body, their cycles, their hormones, and the different life cycles they are going through. This is an essential step for our well-being. Knowledge is power – something I wish we had been taught at school. I see myself in going into schools alongside medical professionals to support wellness education and help young people better understand how the body and mind works. I hope this will help more people feel less alone and more empowered to access support.

What advice would you give to women who want to start their own business?

Go for it and trust yourself!

This is such an incredible adventure. Enjoy the journey and avoid focusing only on the “end” goal – this will continue to change. Having direction is important but the process, the people you meet, the small and big successes, the failures, the challenges, the doubts, the problems you overcome, the first happy client/feedback, and so much more – these are the real highlights of being an entrepreneur.

One other practical advice: surround yourself with like-minded individuals. My most valuable addition this year was to integrate business groups of entrepreneurs. It’s truly inspiring to find a group of women who share common challenges, values and goals and it’s the perfect way to create deep connections and partnerships as well.

If people want to hear about what is next for you and Studio La Lune, what channels can we follow?

Most of our info regarding the studio can be found on our IG : studiolalunehk or on our website My personal IG account: annacabannes.


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