JetClub Nadine Kress says Business Aviation is the answer to get Europe back to work

Getting Europe Back to Work Efficiently and Safely; Business Aviation is the Solution

Sarah Keates, Founder of WOI sits down with Nadine Kress, Regional Vice President, Germany and Central Europe, JetClub to discuss fractional ownership and her vision for JetClub in Europe.

You are Regional Vice President for Germany and Central Europe at JetClub, tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in a town close to Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I studied marketing and communications in Vienna and later copywriting in Hamburg. When I finished my studies, I moved to the beautiful city of Berlin where I started my career in business aviation in 2012. Since that time, I have not been able to imagine a life without aviation.

What roles did you hold in business aviation before joining JetClub?

In 2012, I held roles in marketing and sales and as an assistant to the CEO at Beechcraft Berlin, which was at that time the exclusive Hawker Beechcraft dealer in Central Europe.

I continued my aviation journey when an opportunity arose to join Rheinland Air Service, the exclusive HondaJet dealer and service centre in Europe. I was part of the team that brought the HondaJet to the European market, including its demo tour through Central Europe.

In my last position as sales director of Jet Aviation, Vienna, I was responsible for maintenance sales within Europe. I had the chance to work with a powerful female sales team and gain valuable knowledge about the maintenance side of our industry.

Why did you join JetClub?

First, I am convinced that the HondaJet is the perfect aircraft for the European market. When JetClub’s Founder and CEO, Vishal Hiremath reached out to me and shared his vision, I knew immediately that the business would be a good fit. The model will make business aviation more accessible to more businesses and individuals. The faster Europe can get back to work, the faster our economies will rebuild, bringing stability and prosperity once more. I have no doubt that business aviation will be a vital tool in the region’s economic recovery.

Second, I was also encouraged by the group’s performance since launching in the US. As consumer trends embrace a sharing economy, the shared ownership program provides the intelligent, responsible solution that owners, businesses, and passengers are looking for.

Third, having spent years in a multinational corporation, I relish being back with an entrepreneurial company with a flat hierarchy. Everyone in the JetClub team has a direct impact on the shape and success of the company, that is powerful!

Finally, having met the team I am encouraged by its diversity. We have a highly dynamic and charismatic workforce each with their own impressive career story. Collectively, we represent knowledge and expertise across each sector of the business aviation industry. Our combined knowledge and energy are uniquely fresh, inspiring, and impactful.

Describe your vision for the company.

I want to bring the outstanding experience of flying private to those who have yet only dreamed about it.

How have perceptions around business aviation changed over the past 5 years?

Public perception and the media took some time to catch up to the concept that business aviation is a tool. For example, when we look at the following statistics from the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), business aviation represents a huge value proposition to our economies and communities.

  • Business aviation represents 8% of European aviation traffic.
  • The global aviation industry produces around 2% of all man-made CO2 emissions. Business aviation accounts for 2% of those air transport emissions.
  • Business aviation employs 374,000 people in Europe (directly and indirectly), and generates 87 billion euros in economic output annually.
  • Business aviation connects 1,400 European airports, of which 900 are connected by business aviation operators only.
  • Business aviation operates 70 life-saving or medical flights per day (on average).

Now that global communities are faced with the prospect of delivering business objectives under challenging circumstances, time and safety have become paramount. Business needs to continue efficiently and safely; business aviation is the solution.

What do the next five years have in store for business aviation and for JetClub?

I expect to see growing demand for business aviation overall and, lighter, more sustainable, more affordable options. Our US company, Jet It sold and successfully operates 10 aircraft in a 24 month period, and I am confident that we will continue this journey of success in Europe and the rest of the world.

Describe your business style in 3 words.

Dependable, committed, respectful.

Just for fun, where do you hope to travel when restrictions lift?

Through Georgia on a motorbike.

What is your favourite aircraft?

I once had the chance to fly in a Waco and it was utterly amazing. If I had to choose a favourite, I would go for any biplane, it is a breathtaking and unique way to fly.

What do you love about the HondaJet?

This aircraft was designed with such precision. I love the spacious cabin, the attention to detail, the unique design and the sound system. The HondaJet stands out from other light aircraft due to its looks, quietness, and aesthetic perfection. The Over-The-Wing engine mount displaces noise emissions away from the cabin and reduces drag, improving fuel efficiency.

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