Bas Fransen


Sarah Keates sits down with Bas Fransen, CEO and Founder of EcoMatcher

How do you define success?

Succeeding in something you value important that does not come easy.

What has a lack of travel and/or easy mobility taught you and how has it affected your business?

Inability to travel taught me that ZOOM/Teams/Google calls are more efficient, and more effective; it has not negatively impacted the business, it probably has helped the business as we now talk to more people more frequently.

What are your corporate values?

Respect, trust, honesty, and ingenuity.

What are your personal values?

Respect, trust, honesty, and ingenuity.

Has your vision for EcoMatcher changed since you started the company?


What are your passions?

Building and leading teams, new technologies, field hockey.

What can we expect from you and EcoMatcher next?

A much bigger footprint as we will partner with more foundations planting trees, and with more and bigger customers.

What are some of the challenges you face now?

Supply of trees, as demand is bigger than we can currently supply.

What do you hope your legacy will be?

Have planted together with partners and customers over 1 billion trees.

If people want to hear about what is next for you and EcoMatcher, what channels can we follow?



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