Entrepreneur Series with Andy Hudson, Founder and CEO, Private Jet Central.

Entrepreneur Series with Andy Hudson, Founder and CEO, Private Jet Central.

You’ve had a full and productive career in the industry, do you feel you still have something to contribute to its development and future?
I’ve been lucky to have been involved in a range of areas within the industry, from brokering and asset management through to IT applications, so I would like to think that gives me a perspective worth sharing with the talented individuals at earlier stages in their careers. I’ve had challenges and failures along the way, but overcoming and moving on from these taught me just as much as the success I’ve had. I do think sharing the whole experience, and not just the good bits, when I meet people at the shows and at events is important as value.
Thinking about the ongoing situation with COVID, The initial lockdown had a major impact on our industry, how do you feel about the impact that had and the subsequent recovery?
Along with most people it was a difficult time for my own business, but I’d say what got me through, and it’s true for many others, is the fact we stuck together. I kept in touch with friends and colleagues around the world throughout the lockdowns, and we supported each other, kept making plans, kept the ideas flowing, and as soon as we could, got back to work to start implementing those ideas. While I know a number of people who did lose their jobs and found themselves in a difficult situation, many more did survive with the same kind of support. I’m currently working on a re-development plan for Koodoo airport in the Maldives, which is something that started during lockdown despite all the restrictions.
From your own experience and career, what’s the one thing you think allowed you to stay ahead of the game?
Recognise talent, both in yourself and the people you meet and work with. Don’t be frightened to look in the mirror and say “I’m better at this than other people” and use that knowledge to the full. At the same time, also be honest about what other people are better at, and use that in just the same way. I have a skill set that has served me well, and allowed me to succeed in several areas in our industry, but I don’t pretend that I could have done it all on my own. I’ve worked and collaborated with a number of very talented and capable people over the years. Embracing their talents helped me as much as exploiting my own.
What’s next for Andy Hudson?
As well as the developing and Indian island airport, I’m also working on two major investment projects, one that will offer innovative solutions for fleet ownership and one that will also allow me to expand into the luxury maritime area – something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. The projects are in their early stages, but are an exciting addition to my portfolio, and will provide tremendous opportunities for both investors and the teams we’ll build around these businesses.

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