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10 Questions with JetClub – an Intelligent, Modern Approach to Business Aviation

10 Questions with JetClub - an Intelligent, Modern Approach to Business Aviation

WOI interviews JetClub on its intelligent, modern approach to business aviation ahead of its global launch.

How does the JetClub model present a modern approach to business aviation?

JetClub is a new, modern, and intelligent approach to business jet travel.

We have removed the frustrations of business jet ownership, developing a hybrid jet co-ownership club that allows users to experience 100% flexible private jet ownership without prohibitive set-up costs or maintenance concerns.

As a member of the club, co-owners are guaranteed access to a fleet of aircraft. So, if their regular aircraft is flying or down for maintenance, they can fly on another aircraft of the same type, same interior, and the same quality of pilots, customers, and operations.

With a dedicated flight operations team to take care of pilot training, maintenance, cleaning, and international operation permits, and a concierge desk that manages all travel details and trip support, co-owners have ultimate freedom, flexibility, and hassle-free trips. We take care of everything.

How will JetClub differ from its sister company in the US, Jet It?

We are sister-companies under the same founders, but very much two separate organizations, each with its own leadership team, vision, and brand. We have localized JetClub, making regional adjustments to the business model, for example, we will offer fractional / co-ownership in Europe, and membership in India. Whilst our model is localized to meet the needs of our members, the experience will always be consistent, globally. JetClub clients will be entitled to the US Jet It fleet when they travel to the US and the JetClub fleet in India and Southeast Asia when they travel there.

The JetClub brand was developed by aviators, how did your background influence the company vision?

My aviation dream started when I was just 8-years old. I stepped inside an airline cockpit and I have wanted to be a pilot ever since. I finally got my license 17 years later while pursuing my master’s degree in aviation and aerospace technology. I worked as an engineer, designing cockpits of airliners and business jets at Rockwell Collins, then moved to Gulfstream, with roles in technical marketing, sales engineering, business development, and sales. I then moved to Honda Aircraft Company and was responsible for international sales. It was during my time at Honda that the idea for JetClub was born; I wanted to create a model where the convenience, time-savings, and benefits of business aviation could be available to a wider group.

Where will JetClub be available in 2020/21?

JetClub will launch in Europe in early 2021. By mid-to-late 2021, we will launch in selected locations in Asia-Pacific, with India and Singapore as the first regions planned to rollout.

What makes you different from other business aviation providers?

We created a model based upon the way we know users want to fly. Busy people want to achieve more while not compromising on personal / family time.

JetClub utilizes an innovative model where the co-owners get to use the airplane for the whole day under a day-based, not an hourly model. This allows someone in Europe to make use of the aircraft for the whole day, go to multiple destinations and come back home to their family. As an example, someone who lives in Paris can go to London, then Frankfurt, and be back home for dinner.

They will use one day of their allotment, with no limit on the hours they can use during that day. Because of this approach, our clients pay an exceptionally low hourly and monthly cost, unlike other operators.

Describe a JetClub client in 3 words –

Successful, busy (time is their most precious resource), financially intelligent.

What values are important to JetClub?

Integrity, transparency, respect for each other, and everyone we engage with, and always keeping our promises. We value being professional and pride ourselves on taking care of the client, building a can-do culture of excellence, passion, and fun.

Do lighter jets present a more sustainable way to fly?

Definitely. Our jets (the HondaJet) are one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft on the market, burning four-times less fuel than a larger jet. If you need to fly two to three hours with less than five passengers, a light jet is the most sustainable, economical, and comfortable way to fly. With JetClub’s Honda Jets, you also get to do it fast and in comfort with all the details managed for you. It is a modern, intelligent, and responsible way to use business aviation.

What has been the biggest challenge getting JetClub to market?

COVID-19 has created lots of restrictions on flights and travel. Despite the obvious challenges, we are committed to becoming a long-term player in the industry. This is based upon the founders’ passion for aviation and our belief that there is a more intelligent, cleaner, smarter way to fly.

That said, we have made a conscious decision to grow organically and not over-commit on initial investments. This approach has paid off for the group in the US, where we have achieved solid growth. We now plan to replicate this success in other parts of the world. As a start-up, we have a different set of challenges compared with companies that have lots of funding. That said, we also have a competitive edge with our industry knowledge, autonomy, and nimble operations.

At the heart of the business model is a genuine commitment to be a values-led organization that never compromises on customer service or safety standards.

When and where can clients engage JetClub?

We can be reached at sales@jetclubgroup.com for more information. You can also visit our website at www.jetclubgroup.com (in the process of building)

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