Personalized Education at The Harbour School Hong Kong

Personalized Education at The Harbour School, Hong Kong

What is The Harbour School’s Approach to Education? 

The Harbour School (THS) is a primary and secondary international school that recognizes children as complex individuals with differing needs, goals, personalities, and backgrounds and thus takes a customized approach to learning. Founded in 2007, THS has gained a worldwide reputation as a center of educational excellence emphasizing skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, creativity, innovation and resilience. THS is a leader in progressive learning and offers an American curriculum that is adapted to ensure learning success for a very diverse international population. 

What kinds of students does THS teach?

Students at THS range from differing personalities, abilities, and needs. We feel every type of student has a place at THS with our customized approach, we are able to tailor the curriculum to individual students needs. THS is committed to unlocking the best in every student, encouraging students to find and develop their areas of strength.

What makes THS’ approach to education different?

Our core value is that the learning experience comes first. Really engaging in experiences not only broadens a skill and knowledge base but also deepens understanding and memory. At THS we promote learning as an experiential process through which the insights of a moment inform the insights of a lifetime.

How does THS present an alternative to international schools in Hong Kong or boarding schools overseas?

All students work towards one qualification, a US High School Diploma, requiring them to complete credits in areas such as English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language, and the Arts. THS can present as an alternative that allows students to curate their own program. We promote the ability for student empowerment in order to choose their passion and try new things in order to shape their future.

Tell us about the Be Known project at The Harbour School in partnership with WOI

One of THS’s five core values is being “Invested in the Individual”, meaning that we know that each person within our community comes with a personality, a history, a set of preferences, goals, specific talents and potentials. Everybody doesn’t fit the same mold. We endeavor to find and reveal each individual’s best. Our Be Known campaign features six different student stories at THS in order to highlight their individual journey.

How is THS supporting families through online education and virtual learning?

THS set up protocols for teachers to ensure online learning was engaging for all ages. We also set up standards of etiquette or “Netiquette” taught to our students which are expectations so that all students understand what is expected when you’re attending class on-line together.

Tell us about the Black Dolphin and how this plays into your approach to education.

At The Harbour School, we believe that learning can be that much more engaging, fulfilling, and enriching by experiencing lessons instead of simply taking notes behind a desk in a classroom. The Black Dolphin is a sailing platform for adventures in science, math, social studies, literacy, art, music, and other areas of the curriculum. Our teachers are able to work with The Black Dolphin crew to create lessons that go beyond a traditional classroom. Read a recent blog post by our captain, Mike Bridges, on lessons aboard The Black Dolphin.

Describe THS in 3 words

Progressive, Personalized, Community-oriented

Where can we find out more about The Harbour School?

Visit our website at and sign up for one of our small group tours to find out more.

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