Super Sino delivers Gulfstream as it is lauded for growth

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plane on runway
plane on runway

On April 9, at the end of the Chinese fight against the coronavirus epidemic, a brand new Gulfstream G650 business jet landed in Yingkou, Liaoning in China when Sino Jet officially delivered the aircraft under its custody to Jiachen Group. This is the first business jet introduced into the Chinese fleet after various countries and regions tightened their immigration policies during the epidemic, and is a welcome step in the development of China’s business aviation market.

Headquartered in Yingkou City, Liaoning province, Jiachen Group is one of the largest private enterprises in northeast China. The group’s products cover iron and steel, coke, the coal chemical industry, refractory materials and power generation, and its business scope also includes construction engineering, international trade, finance and logistics. One of China’s top 500 enterprises, Jiachen Group is a highly innovative company with a world-leading international perspective. While dedicating itself to technology transformation, it recognises the flexibility and convenience that business jets offer and their irreplaceability in special circumstances.

Sino Jet was established in 2011. During the subsequent nine years, China’s business aviation market has experienced a start-up period, a blowout period and a later period of steady development. Sino Jet currently manages 45 business jets, of which ultra long-range aircraft accounts for more than 70%. It also owns a full range of Gulfstream models. Its fleet ranks in the leading position in the Asia Pacific region. It has unparalleled advantages in material resources; at the same time, Sino Jet has operating bases in many cities at home and abroad, which can provide customers with a global service network, and has become the fastest growing business jet management company in the Asia Pacific region. With the rapid spread of the coronavirus epidemic around the world, many countries and regions have closed their borders.

Sino Jet has been identified as Asia’s largest and fastest growing business jet operator, according to statistics published by Asian Sky Group in its 2019 Fleet Report. The Beijing and Hong Kong dual-based operator continued its trend of growth despite the downturn faced by many in the industry due to challenging market conditions. According to Asian Sky Group’s recent 2019 Asia Pacific Business Jet Fleet Report, Sino Jet ranked highest in both fleet size and growth rate with 45 aircraft under its management. In the second consecutive year of leading the industry by growth, Sino Jet is one of the few operators in the region displaying such improvement.

“In 2019-20, we have secured new aircraft and management clients across the region, and the demand for charter is extremely high. What enables Sino Jet to differentiate itself is that we understand the needs of Chinese and global clients, and we can navigate challenges with airports and cities having ever-changing policies,” Sino Jet indicates. The growing Sino Jet fleet is made up of 70% ultra long-range aircraft, including the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) and Gulfstream G650. 42% is registered in China and 58% internationally, including B, N, VPC, M and P4 registrations. “Our brand strengthened as we evidenced our ability to manage a highly diverse fleet, while ensuring ease of travel in and out of China.”

In addition to being Asia’s fastest growing operator in 2019, Sino Jet was the first Chinese business jet operator to achieve the highest internationally recognised safety standard, IS-BAO III. The company then went on to be crowned as Asia and China’s Leading Private Jet Company in the World Travel Awards 2019. The company has also been recognised for having the world’s most advanced satellite positioning and weather monitoring system, which enables highly accurate flight status management.

“Challenges due to COVID-19 have been felt throughout the business aviation industry. However, growth can still be achieved if we focus on the value we can add.” The Sino Jet Group attributes its success in part to its business model. “We operate a merit-based hiring policy which includes acquiring talent from outside the industry. We have hired from the private banking, technology and marketing sectors, and we have adopted various best practices learned from those areas. We are always open to new ideas from our global team to provide a unique customer relationship management experience.”

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