What Does Your Mission Statement Say About Your Organisation?

Strategies for living company values and building customer loyalty

We all know that for brands to survive and thrive, they must evolve to meet customer expectations. Most of us have several go-to brands that we trust, would happily recommend to friends, and are willing to share on social media. What is it about them that makes us return to them again and again? It is almost certainly because we feel a connection with them and how they consistently treat us as their customers.

Customers will not buy from brands that do not align with their values. Whether social, political, moral, or environmental, issues that matter to consumers must now stand on enterprise agendas. Neutrality just won’t cut it in 2020, meaning that your mission statement means more to your bottom line than ever before.

If customers are drawn towards companies whose mission statement is clearly enacted through the whole customer experience (CX), what can you do to stay competitive?

A good mission statement is

  • Authentic
    • It should and must always speak to the truth of the company’s values.
  • Differentiated
    • Does it define your unique reason for existing?
  • Eye-catching
    • Is it brief, memorable, and inspiring?
  • Accurate
    • Does it clearly link to your values in terms of quality, commitment, integrity, accountability, and respect for all in the process?
  • Up to date
    • Do you revisit your mission statement and values regularly and in line with unexpected developments such as COVID-19?
  • Transparent
    • Is there total transparency and clarity in what you offer and what you deliver?

A mission statement is the roadmap that drives your company forward. It guides you in staying true to your core values and growing a loyal customer base that’s proud to be associated with you.

If you need help writing or defining your unique selling proposition, mission statement, or competitive angle – please get in touch.

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