Omar Hosari

Omar Hosari, Co-Founder and CEO of UAS International Trip Support

Your LinkedIn profile states “start where you are, use what you have, do what you can”

What advice would you give to someone new to business aviation and keen to get started?

Business aviation is one of the most dynamic and innovative industries there is, so ‘good choice’ would be the first thing I would say to someone new to it.
Expect things to move quickly and be ready for a lot of competition from a lot of highly competent professionals… Business aviation also lends itself very well to mentorship so I would suggest reaching out to veterans and building relationships with those who are richly experienced and well thought of.
Remember, dedication and hard work always pay off. As does finding new and better ways to do things. Consider my journey; UAS established its first office in Dubai with only a handful of employees to serve a few clients in the Middle East. We set about doing things differently and providing connectivity that had never existed before. The early years were as exciting as they were challenging, but we persisted.
Now, 23 years later, we are a global organization spread across five continents. So, maintain consistent determination and professionalism, be flexible and innovative, and soak all the knowledge and information around you up like a sponge and you will do well.
The most important thing is to maintain forward momentum, even if you can’t always maintain a fast pace.

What advice would you give to someone who was negatively impacted by the last few years and has “lost faith” in the business aviation sector?

The past few years have been a rollercoaster for our industry, there is little doubt about that. The pandemic cost business aviation many excellent professionals, and that loss can still be seen in manpower shortages around the world.

However, if there is anything the post-COVID world teaches us it is that business aviation has a central role in the future of sustainable transport, as well as the future of economic growth at large. Not only is it an industry that never stops progressing, but it is also one that dedicates itself to solving some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Indeed, business aviation is a hotbed for sustainability-related innovations and the creation of greener technologies. Companies are exploring measures such as electric flights, hydrogen-powered aircraft, and the conscious adoption of more sustainable practices to reduce their carbon footprint.

So, if anyone has lost faith in the sector, I would encourage them to look at the current markets – many of which are doing better than they were three years ago, look at the environmental commitments being made, and finally, look at the innovation that is marking the sector as one of the most progressive out there.

UAS recently partnered with IBAC with a shared vision to improve standards in the industry, what are some of the key objectives / milestones you’re working towards?

Uniting our mutual knowledge and influence is vital to the sustained growth of our industry, particularly at times when it is misunderstood and under attack in some quarters. It is our duty to unite as an industry to strengthen our voice and advocate for the conditions required to simplify global operations in order to support supply chains and grow economies.

UAS’ recent partnership with IBAC provides us with the opportunity to assist it in shaping standards before they are adopted and applied as regulations by CAAs in their sovereign countries. And our knowledge and experience of global operational challenges and opportunities afford us excellent insight to share.

We will also be exploring objectives related to aviation sustainability and how we can be a greener industry going forward.

You’re well known for your ability to recognise and respond to industry trends. What are your reflections on the industry in 2023 and your thoughts on 2024?

During the first quarter of 2023, global demand was growing steadily in all regions. I think we are experiencing a plateau of sorts now, with certain markets business jet activity up and some down slightly.

For the U.S. and European markets, I see this as a natural levelling off from the unprecedented post-pandemic demand that will result in a return to slower, steadier growth throughout 2024. I think the Middle East market will be the same.

As demand continues to rise in Asia Pacific, we are reminded that not only is this region booming economically, but it is also still experiencing the effects of China’s reopening earlier this year. I’m certain that the Asia-Pacific charter jet services market will see at least single digit annual growth over the coming few years.

As a leader, how do you ensure your corporate values are applied in practice across the company?

I think in any organization, it is a leader’s role to demonstrate the corporate values he/she sets for the team.

At UAS, those values are a commitment to operational excellence and innovation, personal accountability, a positive attitude, and a client-centric mindset. These are pretty much my personal values also, and if they were not, it wouldn’t work for UAS. For me, integrity is everything, in life and in business. Being guided by our values and acting in congruence with them is inspiring and infectious to those around you.

Recently, we established a new role at UAS that we ask all the team to embody; that of CHO (Chief Heart Officer). This means always considering each other’s wellbeing and exercising more empathy in action to truly support and elevate each other.

Further to this, the UAS Code of Conduct informs employees of the standards expected of them and provides a guide for all professional conduct. This is how we maintain a strong company culture that reinforces our corporate values.

Omar Hosari, UAS CEO with UAS team at EBACE 2023

How much importance do you place on professional development? Both for yourself as a leader and for your colleagues at UAS?

Continuous professional development is crucial to improve competence and ensure happiness and success. My personal quest for improvement never ends.

I enjoy mountain trekking for self-reflection, I regularly read books, follow inspirational people on social media, attend webinars, and participate in various professional associations and forums. I also encourage my employees to do the same and engage in continuous training and sponsored education.

WOI interviewed you 2 years ago; what has changed for UAS and you professionally during this time?

The past two years have seen massive expansion for UAS, particularly in Asia Pacific and Latin America.

We have expanded ground support at key emerging travel hubs dedicated to advocating for our clients’ interest and ensuring they receive the same high standard of quality at every destination. We refer to this as ‘white gloves’ service standard, the premier standard available in trip support globally.

We have entered strategic partnerships in various fields and geolocations to broaden our network and our services portfolio. We have also launched our newest technology, UAS Global Trip Manager.

Developed specifically as a game-changer for the aviation industry, GTM is a powerful and flexible trip management system that puts the user in total control of trip planning activities with real-time access to all trip details at any time and from any location.

We have also made great strides in boosting our thought-leadership through the UAS Forward Discussions at major events and the UAS Leader-to-Leader series when I interview other BizAv leaders from all over the globe.

Finally, we are also committed to sustainability, launching the UAS Sustainable Aviation Fuel initiative in 2022 which sees us drop client handling fees for SAF ordered through us to inspire more operators to make the switch to SAF and help our industry attain its carbon neutral goals.

We hope you enjoyed this blog. To read our first interview with Omar Hosari, please read here.

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